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A live talent marketplace generates an abundance of real time data to enhance strategic workforce decisions. From supply and demand of skills, to impending gaps and trends, ensure your organization is always prepared.

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Supply and demand

Whether you are a project manager or a company executive, our workforce insights dashboard provides you with in-depth supply and demand comparisons across your organization. Whether it’s talent distribution, skills, or even the aspirations of your workforce, you will instantly see where you stand. 

Workforce utilization

The workforce insights dashboard lets you see how well-utilized your talent really is. Looking at any segment of your workforce to assess and compare utilization and productivity metrics is just a click away, enabling your organization to spend valuable time and resources where they matter most.

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State of the market

With our insights dashboard, not only can you look within your own organization, you can also compare your organization to the market. Our platform allows you to see how your organization measures up to your competitors to see where you excel and where you might want to improve.

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