Streamline your team

Enable managers to chart their team’s abilities, track members’ development, and take an active role in employee career pathing.

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See your team for who
they are

Gloat’s team development tools help managers gain a bird’s-eye view of the crew they’ve assembled. By charting team members’ abilities, strengths, gaps, past experiences and aspirations going forward, managers can know exactly how – and with whom – they can reach their goals. 

Track progress

Our team development solution doesn’t just let you know how to get to where you’re going; it lets you see where you’ve been, as well. Whether you want to track the professional growth of individual employees, or of the abilities of your team over time, Gloat’s platform lets you see how far along you’ve progressed at any given moment.

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Develop team members and drive satisfaction

With our AI-driven career pathing tools at managers’ disposal, they can take a more active role in helping their team members grow, and make sure they’re developing in a way that fits both their personal aspirations as well as the company’s future needs. 

Discover gaps, maximize talent

When a team takes on a new project, our platform makes it a matter of minutes for managers to define the skills and abilities they’ll need to succeed, and to see if their staff covers it. When gaps arise, it’s just a few minutes more to either identify the required training, or to find the right talent elsewhere within the company.

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