Maximize your workforce potential

Connect employees to projects outside of their job descriptions that leverage their skills and align with their goals. Improve organizational agility, unlock hidden talent, and increase employee engagement.

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Reallocate and reskill

Project work gives organizations the ability to immediately and dynamically bring additional resources to areas of the business in need. Put existing skills to work and develop new skills on the job, enabling your talent and your organization to grow in the same direction. 

Unlock innovation and talent

Traditionally, project work is synonymous with contractors, complexity, and cost. Yet projects and gigs are where company transforming innovations are born and new skills are developed. The talent agility marketplace lets managers utilize the existing workforce for short assignments and projects, bringing more ideas to fruition, lowering costs and barriers to innovation, and developing talent in the process. 

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Increase engagement

They say happiness is doing what you love. Employees using the talent agility marketplace are matched with projects that align with their goals and career aspirations, giving them immediate opportunities to showcase their strengths, develop themselves, and discover new passions. When employees are engaged, motivation and productivity skyrocket and new leaders are born. 

Deepen connections and culture

A cross-organizational, multidisciplinary, hierarchy-free project marketplace does more than promote innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. With participants from all over the company, the talent agility marketplace serves to deepen personal and professional connections, cross-pollinate best practices, and build a powerful company culture.

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Grow multi-disciplinary talent inhouse

Employees that work in cross-organizational projects gain a deep, systemic understanding of the company and its needs. As employees gain experience in other fields, their ability to tackle new and unexpected challenges ensures your organization is always ready for what’s next.

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