Put your employees in the driver's seat

Give employees agency in their careers with a personally-tailored roadmap of diverse career paths.

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Help employees become the architects of their futures

Career development is no longer a ladder to be climbed; it’s a lattice of vertical and horizontal career opportunities, shaped by personal and professional considerations, in addition to company needs. Gloat’s career pathing tools reflect this, allowing employees to take initiative in building their unique career map.

Unconstrained by preconceptions

Gloat’s career development environment lets employees take charge of their own careers by helping them understand the experience they need to gain and gaps they need to cover to achieve their career goals. Employees are connected to relevant opportunities, learning resources, and mentors within the organization, fostering fulfilling career experiences and entrepreneurial spirit in the workforce.

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Career ownership

Gloat’s intuitive career development environment allows employees to take charge of their own careers, and fosters an entrepreneurial mindset. It helps employees understand which experiences they need to gain and what gaps they need to cover to achieve their personal goals, and connects them to relevant opportunities within the organization, as well as applicable learning resources.

Aligned interests

Gloat’s AI actively maps your company’s organizational structure, while characterizing skill abundance and impending gaps, and then offers actionable short-, middle-, and long-term goals and opportunities to employees, futureproofing their careers – and your organization.

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