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The First-Ever Talent Marketplace Conference

Our top segments from the first ever Talent Marketplace Virtual Conference featuring the top voices leading the future of work, HR and more. 

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Customer Panel: Why a Talent Marketplace?

Join Gloat customers from Walmart, Standard Chartered, PepsiCo, Nestle, and Schneider Electric to discuss the ‘Why’ behind talent marketplace technology

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Welcome Notes

Welcome notes & agenda overview by Ben Reuveni, Gloat’s CEO, and Shlomo Weiss, Gloat’s COO

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Josh Bersin: Talent Marketplace, A New Paradigm for Talent Management

In this research-based presentation, Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst, explains why a talent marketplace is a new paradigm for talent management

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Deloitte Research: Activating The Talent Marketplace

Hear from Deloitte’s Jeff Schwartz, Leader for the Future of Work, and Ina Gantcheva on Deloitte’s insights on activating the Talent Marketplace

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Connecting HR Islands: Talent Marketplace HR Ecosystem Interoperability

Join Divkiran Kathuria from Schneider Electric and Andrew Saidy from Seagate to learn how a Talent Marketplace drives value into the existing HR Tech ecosystem

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PepsiCo: Investing in Potential, The PepsiCo Journey

Join Allan Church, Ph.D., SVP Global Talent Management at PepsiCo for an exciting keynote presentation on Investing in Potential, The PepsiCo Journey

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The Voice of the CHRO

Join Kevin Martin, Chief Research Officer at i4cp, The Institute for Corporate Productivity

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David Green: The Role of People Analytics and AI in Improving the Employee Experience

David will explore how work is changing and the latest trends and case studies of companies who are using AI to support talent agility and life-long learning.

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Pioneering and Scaling Unilever’s Talent Marketplace – An Agile Journey

Jeroen Wels, EVP Talent at Unilever will outline the complete story of the birth, evolution and impact of implementing a Talent Marketplace at Unilever

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Honing Your Digital Edge: Digital Fluency in a Time of Crisis and Opportunity

Join Accenture’s Eva Sage-Gavin, Irene Blecher, and Dr. Kelly Monahan, for a discussion on how companies can unlock human ingenuity and drive value.

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No One's Ready, Until You Ignite The Change: How Change Management Is Crucial For A Successful Talent Marketplace

Join Donna Geva, VP Customer Success and Cynthia Beldner, Director Customer Success North America at Gloat for an engaging discussion and customer examples

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Gloat's Product Philosophy for Talent Marketplace Success

Join Ayala Michelson, VP Product at Gloat to discuss Gloat’s unique philosophy on how we build a successful product and our vision for the future of work

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