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Talent Marketplace Collection

Insights, success stories, and advice on implementing a talent marketplace from the talent leaders defining the future of work.

Introducing: The Talent Marketplace Collection

The Talent Marketplace Collection is a set of videos that were created as a collaboration between the leading HR leaders Josh Bersin and Kathi Enderes, Senior Vice President of Research at the Josh Bersin Company.


Schneider Electric pioneers the talent marketplace for careers and transparency

Jean Pelletier, Vice President of Digital Talent Transformation and Global Talent Acquisition, shares Schneider Electric’s journey that led them to implement a talent marketplace and how putting employees at the center of their careers transformed the company’s culture to reflect the future of work.


Mastercard unlocks mobility and career growth with a talent marketplace

Heather Yurko, Vice President of Digital Talent, discusses how Mastercard’s internal talent marketplace serves as the orchestrator of its tech stack and the enabler of its agility-based agenda.


HSBC: Unlocking capacity and organizational agility with a talent marketplace

Hamish Nesbit, Group Head of Resourcing and Onboarding, describes how HSBC saw the value of a talent marketplace make itself apparent through unlocking capabilities across the organization and empowering its people to develop their skills.



How the talent marketplace has become the new core of people strategy

Founder & CEO of The Josh Bersin Company Josh Bersin is joined by Senior Vice President of Research Kathi Enderes to analyze how talent marketplaces have reshaped the HR landscape and become business-critical functions of organizations looking to stay on top of emerging skills.

Josh Bersin Company case studies

Expert analysis on how organizations transformed their people strategies with a talent marketplace.

HSBC impact

HSBC opens a world of opportunity with a talent marketplace

As the company invests in resources built to enable its future skills agenda, HSBC is seeing the talent marketplace make internal mobility an opportunity driver for both employees and customers alike.

mastercard impact

Mastercard unlocks the potential of its people with an internal talent marketplace

From learning and wellness initiatives to solving critical business needs, Mastercard’s talent marketplace has helped the company connect its employees with resources to learn new skills and grow within the organization at speed and scale. 

schnider impact

Schneider Electric pioneers the talent marketplace

The transformative power of a talent marketplace brought Schneider Electric far more than a positive employee value proposition. Learn how the platform helped change the company’s culture to prepare for future skills needs through people-led upskilling programs.

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