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The Dynamic Organization:
an executive summary

There’s a new gold standard for HR strategy: the dynamic organization. Gloat and The Josh Bersin Company analyzed 765 companies to shed light on the strategies driving the greatest impact. Find out what they are and what they can do for your business.  

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Introducing the report

Dynamic organizations—including HSBC, Mastercard, and Novartis—reap an array of benefits, such as a greater likelihood of exceeding financial targets and enhanced productivity. Yet, only 7% of companies have the systems in place to achieve these kinds of results. Download this executive summary to learn what it takes to embrace this winning workforce strategy:

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About Josh Bersin

Industry analyst Josh Bersin focuses on the global talent market, trends, and technologies impacting workforces across all industry segments. His research is featured in publications such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Economic Times, Financial Times, and Washington Post, and he published his book Irresistible in 2022. The Josh Bersin Company provides a wide range of research and services for HR leaders and teams; the Josh Bersin Academy, which today has approximately 30,000 members, offers 22 cohort-based programs for HR professionals.


Uncover the tools and best practices needed to transform into a dynamic organization.

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