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Whether you’re chatting about how to improve for the next meeting, or spinning up a task force to try something new, professional development and work go hand in hand. So why manage them in separate places? Now, employees can explore development opportunities from Gloat directly in Teams.


Gloat + Teams, a perfect match

At Gloat, we know that learning and growth requires more than annual performance checks and online courses. So much of our professional growth happens on the job and through collaboration. Now, Gloat is embedded in Teams, the ultimate collaboration tool, to help people find the right projects, positions, learning opportunities, and mentors that fit their unique interests, experience, and goals. 

Empower teams,
on Teams

Gloat empowers employees to develop critical skills, seamlessly connecting them with projects, job opportunities, mentorships, and tailored learning experiences right within their daily workflow.

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made easier

When you need to act fast, Gloat helps you spin up a cross-functional team, launch a project, or backfill roles seamlessly. Find qualified talent on-demand, without all the red tape. 

Never miss an opportunity

Get notified in Teams about new projects, roles, or development opportunities to explore. See when candidates express interest in a project or role to find the best fit quickly.  

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Real business impact

Gloat gets its powers from highly advanced neural networks, trained to identify the unique skills and abilities of your employees in real time and instantly match them with your ever-changing needs across the entire enterprise.

$ 0 M+

in cost savings for a Fortune 500 company within the first year of deployment

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reduction in voluntary attrition rates for a global leader in the food industry

0 %

improvement in overall productivity for a top 5 consumer goods company



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of open roles filled with internal talent for a Global Financial Services leader


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