Gloat unveils Skills Foundation, an AI-powered infrastructure to enable workforce transformation

Skills Foundation leverages deep-learning AI and consumer-grade tools to help simplify strategic upskilling and redeployment initiatives


By Gloat

May 11, 2023

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NEW YORK, April 26, 2023 – Gloat, the leading Agile Workforce Operating System provider today introduced Skills Foundation, a set of AI-powered tools designed to help organizations navigate business transformation initiatives and look beyond job structures to become a skills-based organization.

Gloat’s Skills Foundation was designed to help businesses identify and mitigate skill gaps and reskill and redeploy talent to better align workforces to business strategies at speed and scale.

Workforce agility and adaptability are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses that are navigating disruptive new technologies, reacting to competitive pressures, and managing the impact of market volatility. Organizations relying on reductions in force and recruiting alone to adapt their workforces are facing constraints in the midst of record-low unemployment rates. With 40% of CEOs claiming their business may not be economically viable in 10 years’ time, a more sustainable approach to workforce adaptation is imperative.

Reliable workforce skills data and visibility into emerging skill trends in the market are essential inputs for businesses building future-fit workforces. Skills Foundation leverages Gloat’s proprietary graph-based big data and AI model, Workforce Graph™, which has been trained on billions of data points from thousands of open web sources, government databases, partner data, and aggregated and anonymized data from millions of Gloat end-users. This graph enhances a company’s existing data with these insights from across the market and integrates with existing HR systems to create a harmonized, single source of truth for skills in the organization. Leveraging this data, the Workforce Graph’s AI capabilities provide insights and recommendations to:

  • Build a skills blueprint for every role – Adjust job design and hire or upskill for the most critical skills today. Leverage AI-driven recommendations to adjust roles, and org structure to drive efficiency.
  • Map the skills across your organization – Surface critical skillsets and retain or redeploy critical skills based on business needs. Identify and mitigate skill gaps across the business.
  • Make data-driven talent decisions – Unify your data sets to have a single source of truth on the skills and jobs across your company. Benchmark against the market to inform your reskilling and talent acquisition priorities.
  • Reskill for the future – Make informed decisions on where to build skills within and where to acquire them externally using market and company insights. Build an upskilling pipeline to redeploy talent and stay a step ahead of the market.
  • Restructure efficiently – Eliminate redundant roles, uncover transferable skills and redeploy talent at scale from outdated to emerging areas of need.

“The surge of new technologies and newly required skill sets cannot be ignored,” said Gloat CEO Ben Reuveni, “Over two years ago, we introduced Workforce Intelligence to market because, as a pioneer in the Talent Marketplace, we saw that every business is impacted, and every business must adapt to remain viable. We realized we had a wealth of real-time data from marketplace engagement and channeled it into actionable tools to support organizations moving to a skills-based, data-driven model. Today, we’ve expanded on those capabilities with a complete Skills Foundation offering to help businesses look beyond rigid hierarchies and adopt a skills-based approach to work.” Gloat Skills Foundation is complementary to Gloat’s world-leading Talent Marketplace Applications and will help organizations pursue an accelerated path toward building a skills-based organization.

To learn more about Skills Foundation, visit Gloat’s booth at the Unleash AI 2023 conference on April 26-27.

About Gloat

In a world of accelerating change, Gloat’s Agile Workforce Operating System puts people and businesses in motion. Our technology translates the world of work to the language of skills to give companies unprecedented ability to navigate change, enable more fulfilling and equitable careers for their employees, and dismantle the silos, bureaucracy, and biases that hold people and businesses back. Today, our Operating System includes a series of Talent Marketplace applications to serve employees and business leaders and a set of Skills Foundation tools to establish the infrastructure of your workforce. The operating system is powered by Gloat’s Workforce Graph, our dynamic database built to understand the relationships between different units of work through deep-learning AI.

Gloat supports hundreds of leading brands around the world and is trusted by some of the world’s leading global enterprises, including Schneider Electric, Standard Chartered BankNovartis, HSBC, Seagate, and many more.

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