How HR is driving the innovation agenda at Seagate

A fireside chat with Patricia Frost, CHRO of Seagate Technology and Ben Reuveni, CEO of Gloat


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This past year showed the world just how pivotal the role of HR can be, as HR teams around the globe were thrust into the spotlight, helping keep employees safe and productive while maintaining businesses continuity and resilience in the face of continued ambiguity. But as we emerge in a post-pandemic reality of hybrid work, how must the role of HR evolve to stay a strategic driver of the business? And how will technology enable the HR function to keep organizations one step ahead?

As Chief of Human Resources, Internal Communications and Community at Seagate, Patricia Frost, has been in the driver’s seat of the HR innovation agenda, not just managing through the pandemic, but innovating and evolving the organization to come out stronger on the other end. 

Join us for an exclusive conversation between Patricia and Gloat’s CEO, Ben Reuveni, as they discuss the evolving role of HR, how to retain and grow talent within an organization, and the role of technology in scaling HR’s impact on a business. 

And as two military veterans, they may share perspectives on something you won’t hear every day – what can HR leaders learn from their time in service?


About the speaker

Patricia Frost is responsible for leading Seagate’s global human resource efforts, including: compensation and benefits, leadership, developing and training, staffing, HR central transaction centers, HR compliance, internal communications and community engagement.

Prior to joining Seagate in 2019, Frost has a proven track record of success in change management in large, complex, cross-functional organizations. She was most recently a senior advisor with the Thayer Leader Development Group following a successful military career. In the United States Army, she reached the rank of Major General, serving as the first-ever Director responsible for strategy, budget, and policy for the U.S. Army’s cyberspace capabilities. She has led strategic alignment and problem-solving initiatives among interagency and international partners primarily focused on national security and intelligence activities, with three decades of experience in the Pacific, Asia and the Middle East. She holds three masters degrees in the following areas: Human Resources Development, Strategic Intelligence and Strategic Studies.

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