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September 27
7AM ET | 1:00pm CET | 9:00pm AEST

ICYMI: How EVERSANA masters M&A with an agile workforce OS

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The new world of work comes with a new M&A playbook. Join our conversation with EVERSANA’s Heidi Brookes to learn how to maximize post-deal success with a talent marketplace.

September 27

at 7AM ET | 1:00pm CET | 9:00pm AEST


Find out how to bring your vision for M&A success to life

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About the speaker:

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Heidi Brookes

VP, People Development and Learning at EVERSANA

Heidi Brookes leads the People Development and Learning team at EVERSANA, a growing company in the Life Sciences industry differentiating itself through next-generation commercialization. Her team’s main areas of focus include Organizational Development, Talent Development/Management, Leadership Development, and internal employee learning supporting 4,500+ employees globally.
Prior to working at EVERSANA, Heidi spent 25+ years in Manufacturing as an OD/HR practitioner with experiences spanning multiple HR functions: Talent Acquisition, Core HR, Organization Development, Corporate Learning, and Launch Planning & Training at Ford Motor Company, Harley-Davidson, and other local manufacturing companies.  The last almost 4+ years she has embraced learning the Life Sciences industry through EVERSANA.
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September 27, 2023

How EVERSANA masters M&A with an agile workforce OS

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