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Oct 17-18th | Paris Expo Center

Celebrate Skillstoberfest with us at UNLEASH World

We’re celebrating skills all month long, but we’re taking it to the new level at UNLEASH World on Oct 17 &18. Grab a pint of Skillsner, catch an exclusive Skills Foundation demo with our product experts, meet our founder, and be the first to hear eye-opening findings from Josh Bersin’s latest research.

Meet the Gloaters at Unleash Paris this Oct 17th - 18th for a Skillstober takeover where we have Skills on Tap!

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Join us at UNLEASH to become an expert on all things skills


Come meet us for a Skillsner (or a chat!)

Come share a pint of Skillsner, see an exclusive Skills Foundation Demonstration, review never before seen insights from Josh Bersins new report, and meet our founder! Meet the Gloaters at Unleash Paris this Oct 17th - 18th for a Skillstober takeover where we have Skills on Tap!

Come view our sessions!


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Markus Graf

Vice President and Global Head of Talent, Novartis


Kathi Enderes

Senior Vice President of Research, Josh Bersin Company

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Brian Hershey

Director of Product & GTM Strategy, Gloat


Skills: the foundation of a dynamic organization


The Dynamic Organization research from The Josh Bersin Company and Gloat, led by Kathi Enderes (SVP Research and Global Industry Analyst at The Josh Bersin Company), reveals a jaw dropping finding: 

Skills are essential elements to creating a dynamic organization.  

Join Brian Hershey and Kathi Enderes to learn more about what this really means for your organization, the broader market, and how today’s most successful companies are harnessing dynamic operating models.

Key discussion points will include:


Why the dynamic organization is essential for business success in the Post-Industrial era


What it means to become dynamic—including skills, team-based work, new leadership models, and a completely different way to think about talent management


How skills insights power dynamic organizations, and the role of next generation, AI-based technology


How AI is upleveling CHRO skills transformations


Attracting, inspiring, and empowering diverse talent is crucial for Novartis to secure its status as a pharmaceutical enterprise at the forefront of innovation.  

Join this session with Markus Graf, Global Head of Talent at Novartis, to learn more about the organization’s AI-powered transformation and the best practices and actionable tips leaders can leverage to launch a game-changing skills-based initiative of their own. 

Key discussion points will include:


Efficiency and ROI: Leveraging AI, Talent Match optimized talent allocation and project assignments, resulting in an impressive ROI of $1.2 million within six months


Mapping skills across the workforce: Initiating targeted reskilling efforts to align talent with evolving industry and innovation needs


Revolutionizing skills development: Aligning holistic upskilling and future-fit skills with evolving industry demands

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