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3 tips for creating impactful agile transformation goals

Learn how Alex Badenoch drives successful change initiatives with measurable objectives By Nicole Schreiber-Shearer, Future of Work Specialist at Gloat When it comes to transformation, there’s a serious gap between potential and reality. Companies that view their change initiatives as

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Cultural evolution: top talent marketplace launch tips

How leading enterprises are harnessing talent marketplaces to spearhead their transformations By Nicole Schreiber-Shearer, Future of Work Specialist at Gloat Transformations take time, but one hegemony is already starting to turn. Just a few years back, Gartner spotlighted internal talent

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Lynda Gratton on HR’s role in the future of work

How future of work expert Lynda Gratton sees design thinking facilitating the new paradigm of work By Austen Gregerson, Future of Work Specialist at Gloat Lynda Gratton has spent more than 30 years researching, educating, and writing about how people

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May research round-up

What I am reading, listening to, and thinking about in the world of talent marketplaces By Jeff Schwartz, VP of Insights and Impact at Gloat Now that we’re into the second year of the Great Resignation, all employers are feeling

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